We are San Antonio’s workforce for wellness

Using our personal experiences to help San Antonio

Community Health Workers (CHWs) have many different types of roles and can work in a variety of settings.  We’re from the community, and we’re trained and certified to help others.

Our Work

What Community Health Workers do

As Community Health Workers (CHWs), we provide outreach and build trust in our communities, support connections to care and support services, and other activities to assist people in prevention and recovery services. 

The goal is to advance public health, reduce health disparities, and help underserved populations achieve health equity.

The types of places where we work


Hospitals and clinics


non-profit and community organizations


Government organizations


Schools and universities


Health programs and agencies

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Education opportunities, with scholarships

The partners listed on this website all offer access to training and education opportunities that include scholarships.  That means you can start an exciting new career, with no cost to you!

Financial Support while you're in school

In addition to scholarships, we offer stipends to help offset your expenses while you’re in training.  These stipends can help with costs for things like childcare, transportation, or living expenses. 

About This Project

Federal investment in San Antonio

In 2022, the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), a federal agency, selected three local organizations to help expand the workforce for wellness in San Antonio, and around Texas. 

These organizations are helping to build our Community Health Workforce by focusing on different communities, and with different approaches.

Peer Academy

Training and support for Mental Health Peer Specialists and other Health Support Workers.  Training is available for any adults.


Training and supporting Community Health Workers, with a focus on 18-24 year old women in San Antonio.

South Texas CHW Workforce Preparedness Collaboration

Training and support for Community Health Workers.  Training is available for any adults.

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